Our 5-Step Drawer Organizing Tips for 2023

Another year is just around the corner. How about some organizing?


For starters, we can clear some of the most chaotic areas in the house such as our drawers. There is nothing more delightful than well-organized drawers, don’t you agree?  Here is our 5-step drawer organizing tips to start 2023 anew. 


Step 1: Empty those drawers

“Out of sight, out of mind”. Or so you thought. Until you open a messy drawer. Now, this could get overwhelming and you might be discouraged to even start. 


Fret not.


Emptying up those drawers is a strategic first step. It allows you to work on empty slates.  Ideally, you want to dust off and sanitize those drawers before arranging your items, hence, it makes sense to empty them in the first place.  By taking out all stored items, you may find ones that no longer belong there. You may even find those mementos that you thought were lost forever! 


Step 2: Clean and disinfect them

Using the narrowest attachment of your vacuum, remove grit and grime from corners and crevices.  Apply some all-purpose disinfectant to a microfiber cloth, then wipe surfaces. Wipe up and down, top to bottom, inside and out. For wooden drawers that have a delicate coating or finish, it is best to use a gentle liquid soap and water.


If you don’t have an all-purpose cleaning solution, a solution of bleach and water is the perfect quick fix. Use 3/4 cup of bleach for every bucket of water. Wet some rugs using that solution and wipe it into surfaces. Since you’ll be using bleach, don’t forget to wear gloves!  


Step 3: Create your own organizing method

Now that your drawers are sparkling clean, it’s time to reorganize. Put only items that you actually use. You can sort a dedicated storage for unused items. 


There is no specific way on how drawers should be organized. The ideal organization style allows you to spot items easily for grabs. 


Categorize your things and label the drawers so you’ll know where to look when you need something.  Organize the drawer arrangements from the most use to the least. For easy access, make use of the top drawers for your most-used items. Then bottom drawers for least needed things. 


Step 4: Make use of drawer dividers

These dividers come in handy to optimize storage and space. You simply have to slide them into a drawer to section and categorize the items inside.


For example, Casavala bamboo drawer dividers are made adjustable for the best fitting, allowing you to modify your drawer’s spaces based on your requirement. For larger drawers, you can use containers to create smaller compartments. 


Step 5: Organize your junk drawer

A junk drawer may be the last thing you want to organize. After all, it’s where you put all those bits and bobs that can’t be placed in a specific drawer. But, hey, 2023. You’ll be surprised how fun it is to shuffle around and organize a drawer that collects everything.


Drawer dividers will be very useful for this type of drawer. With these dividers, you can section the spaces in a junk drawer, allowing you to make use of every inch. 


Ready for another year?

May 2023 bring you a lot of opportunities.  And…just remember, those drawers are not going to clean themselves. So make sure to create a schedule for organizing your drawers.