Beyond Aesthetics: Why People Love Bamboo Shower Mats

Your bathroom is a sanctuary inside your home. Understandably, every bit and bob in there must balance with that harmony you’re creating. Adding a bamboo shower mat to your bathroom will add an instant element of nature into the space. 


Homeowners rave about these mats for good reason. 


The fact that this type of mat can stand up against everyday wear and tear, staining, and bacteria makes it an attractive choice. Naturally, bamboo is highly durable. Without any protective treatment, bamboo as a material can last for years. Expect longer usability for bamboo bath mats that are treated and varnished.  


Do bamboo bath mats do well in bathrooms?


Aside from their subtle ability to lift up the ambiance of a space, a bamboo mat is naturally durable and water resistant which makes it a handy piece in the shower. 


A bamboo bathroom mat won’t easily crack from changing atmospheric conditions such as in a bathroom. These mats retain their shape and durability even with humidity and moisture.


“Do bamboo mats absorb water?”, one might ask. 


Bamboo doesn’t absorb water. It will not foster the growth of mildew and mold.  Moisture and water are present most of the time in the bathroom. This is why your ideal bamboo mat should be designed for this environment.


Casavala bamboo mats for bathrooms


We are guessing you don’t like slippery shower floors. There’s always that icky feeling, the risk of slipping, and those moments when the worst almost happened. 


Aside from their aesthetically pleasing design, Casavala Bamboo Bath Mats are built for safety. They feature stoppers to ensure the mats stay in place even if you move around as you shower. These bamboo shower mats have an elevated design and slats allowing water to drip directly into the floor. After all, who likes showering while their feet soak in pooling water?


These mats have a well-polished surface that feels nice and smooth under your soles. They are treated and varnished to extend their lifespan and reinforce their durability. 


Can you use a bamboo shower mat outdoors?


A good bamboo shower mat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, Casavala bamboo shower mat’s elevated, slatted design is ideal for an outdoor shower. You can also use it for the side of a pool. The mat is foldable making it portable and easy to stash in the trunk of a car.


How about maintenance and sanitation?


Bamboo mats are generally low maintenance. After every use, simply shake off the water and let the mat air dry in a cool corner. Never leave your mat over a heated floor, or near a radiator as these conditions could make the bamboo swell. 


Once a week, you can use a mild cleanser and a soft brush for a thorough cleaning. The mat might accumulate grime and gunk over time. When you notice this, clean the mat using a soft bristle brush, towel dry then apply some linseed oil. Let the mat absorb the oil before using it again.