How to Take Care of Bamboo Cutlery and Utensils

There’s so much to love about  bamboo cutlery and utensils. Aside from their naturally warm appearance, they don’t scratch cookware’s surface, they’re durable and offer great heat resistance. 


And…obviously, they are among the most sustainable choices to date. 


If you have these lovely tools, you probably know they need a different kind of tender loving care compared to silverwares and ceramics.


The easiest trick to clean a bamboo cutlery or utensil is by using a gentle dish soap and warm water. It is not recommended to put them in a dishwasher. Use a clean towel to dry or air dry them in a cool place.


Avoid soaking them in the sink as this may cause discoloration or warping. Make sure to dry your bamboo cutlery and utensils before storing them in the cabinet. 


For stubborn food odor that cannot be rid of by a gentle dish soap, rub down a piece of lemon and leave for two minutes then wash with water. Dry immediately using a clean  cloth and store in a cool place.  


The best way to make those bamboo utensils and cutlery last longer is by taking care of them the right way.  


How to extend bamboo’s lifespan


With proper care and a little wood oil, those cutlery and utensils could serve you well for a very long time. If you’re noticing a loss of moisture in their surface, simply apply wood oil. Let the oil soak overnight to recondition the bamboo. We recommend beeswax and tung oil for best results. *Avoid vegetable oils like canola and olive as they leave a rancid smell when dried.


Maintenance rule of thumb


Immediately wash your cutlery and utensils after use to avoid foods from getting stuck on them. If you find  food stuck on your bamboo items, use the dull side of a knife to remove them.