How to Make Your First Charcuterie Board

Oh those aesthetically pleasant boards of delicious delights, all of us have probably seen them on Instagram or from a chef’s vlog. If you are yet to make your first charcuterie board, we prepped up this quick guide for you.

The secret starts with the right board. Bamboo charcuterie boards probably set the standard for proper charcuterie arrangements. It just simply brings out the aroma and taste of everything you put over it. Plus, there’s something about its wooden aesthetic that matches well with the colors of cold meats, fruits, cheeses, and crackers.

“What can I put in my charcuterie palette?”

Imagination is the limit, really. When it comes to taste variety we recommend the 4 S’s: Spicy, Salty, Sweet, and Savory.

What goes in your charcuterie tray is up to your liking. Your charcuterie board items can go classic with all-time people’s favorites like cheese, fruits, spreads, crackers, and bread.

Here are some charcuterie board ideas

For your cured meat, you can never go wrong with pepperoni, calabrese, soppressata, capicola, and salami. As for cheeses, brie and mild cheddar top the list. Stilton, blue, and gouda are also great! Wedge slices are good but they’re not bestsellers when they’re put on a charcuterie board. Opt for bite-size nibbles to encourage your people to dig in.

You can experiment with different textures and tastes Add vibrant hues on your board using bright fruits like cherries, tomatoes, kiwi, and grapes. Mixing the textures and colors of dried fruit into your board would make it more interesting. Dried goldenberries, apricots, and mission figs create amazing contrast and flavor with other fresh fruits.

You need bread and crackers to balance the flavors on your charcuterie board. For crackers and bread, choose ones that are not strong in flavors. You don’t want them to outshine your charcuterie palette. Sliced baguettes, for example, are just an amazing base for layering with cheeses and meats. Buttery and flaky crackers match with condiments like jams.

Arrange your items on your charcuterie board.

Just think of your charcuterie board as an empty canvas that needs to be filled with your artistic touch. There’s no wrong or right way to do it, it just needs to be how you like it.

We recommend placing the bigger items first and then working from there. You could start by placing the bowls of spreads and condiments in the center.

Then your cheese is separately arranged for each kind. Arrange your crackers and bread next to the cheese. As for the meat, putting them close together to the other items will keep them nicely folded and easy for grabs.

For your fruits, put them all throughout the platter to give your board some interesting colors. If there are gaps in the board you can fill them with nuts or chocolates or even edible flowers!

There goes your very own charcuterie board! Keep on experimenting. Sooner or later you’ll have charcuterie board ideas of your own.

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