How to Declutter and Maximise Your Kitchen Space

Correct us if we’re wrong, but you can never have enough kitchen space. Whether you have a big or small kitchen, the trick to making the most of every inch is by cleverly organizing and categorizing items.  Here are some ideas on how to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers and how to maximize storage spaces by putting your kitchen into order.

Inventory and consolidation

Start with the very basics of kitchen organization: declutter, declutter, declutter. Which among your kitchen items are not meant to be there anymore? Toast out those products that are past their expiration dates, dirty or stale. Check out your fridge, cabinets and drawers. Maybe you’re keeping some things that were supposed to be thrown away ages ago.

Fill in the gaps

Are there any dead gaps in between your cabinets or drawers? There are lots of creative ways to organize your kitchen. A butcher block for example is the perfect useful addition to fill in that gap. A pull-out cabinet organizer will also do the trick.  Those spaces above your kitchen cabinets? Make use of them by adding baskets and curated displays.

Choose your kitchen tools wisely

Consider the design and sizes of your kitchen tools too. Do you really need a big chopping board or a medium size one will do? Choose tools that won’t take much space in your kitchen. For example, something like our Bamboo Bread Slicer, which is compact and foldable can be easily tucked into tiny spaces in the cabinet or countertop.

Make use of the walls

Instead of those paper towel rolls and spice bottles laying over the counter, you can install a storage bin on the wall. This saves your space and saves your counter from clutter. How about some stackable cabinets or floating shelves? You’d be surprised how aesthetically beautiful it is to organize your kitchen with those.  For the best display, add hooks to your shelving units so you can hang your mugs on them.

Get a rolling cart island

For tight spaces, a rolling cart is such a life-saver. Get something thin that would easily fit against the side of your cabinet or stove. Place in the cart your cooking oil, spices and essentials that must be within reach when you’re in the kitchen.

Make use of drawer dividers

You know those  times when you lost something but you know it’s just somewhere in the kitchen. Frustrating isn’t it? Drawer dividers could help sort the mess. Simply insert these dividers into a cupboard, cabinet or drawers and categorize your items accordingly. No more rifling around!

You may want to check our bamboo drawer dividers. They automatically adjust for best fitting in drawers and cabinets. Handy for organizing and categorizing kitchen items.

Best of luck on organizing your kitchen! Trust us, there’s nothing more satisfying and impressive than seeing a well-put space.