Expandable Drawer Divider Set

NO MORE MESSY KITCHEN DRAWERS AND CUPBOARDS. Expandable drawer dividers. You are yet to meet your most organized kitchen. Optimize every inch and strategically categorize your items. Use these dividers to custom sectioned flatwares, separate utensils, and organized spices. No more riffling around and just spot what you need with ease.


Product Details

ADJUSTABLE DRAWER DIVIDERS FOR THE BEST FIT. Get creative! Use these drawer dividers vertically, horizontally or stacked. These adjustable drawer separators have tension springs that expand and contract as you position them in a drawer or cabinet. It’s spring-loaded mechanism provides excellent tension so the divider firmly stays in place. Attached to the ends of these drawer dividers are quality eva foam so your drawers or dressers won’t get scratched.

MADE WITH PREMIUM-QUALITY HEAVY DUTY BAMBOO. Bamboos are naturally strong and durable compared to plastic or wood. They’re 100% sustainable too. These drawer dividers are made of food-safe bamboo — better for you, better for the planet. The material features excellent odor, temperature and dirt-resistant properties.